Farm Credit Services of Hawaii ACA Offers Flexible Agricultural Loans

Farm Credit Services of Hawaii is a Hawaii-based financial association that provides mortgage and operating loans exclusively to farmers, ranchers, fishermen, nursery owners and country home owners throughout the Islands. Farm Credit Services of Hawaii ACA is comprised of the Federal Land Bank Association of Hawaii, FLCA and the Hawaii Production Credit Association.

The Federal Land Bank Association, FLCA provides long-term loans, usually for land. The association finances the purchase of open land and improved land, the construction of new farm and ranch projects, new homes in the country and home improvement projects on country homes. The association also refinances existing agricultural mortgages. On the other hand, the Hawaii Production Credit Association offers shorter-term loans to finance new equipment, inventory and other capital improvements for agriculturally related businesses.

HIPCC Member Name: Linus P. Tavares


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988 Kinoole St. Hilo, Hawaii 96720