HIPCC Committees

The Hawaii Island Portuguese Chamber of Commerce accomplishes it’s work through various committees. Committees are open to all members. On this level, membership has it’s greatest input. The committees meet monthly to coordinate HIPCC related concerns. Decisions are then submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Committee Chairs

Committee Members
Building Committee Frank De Luz III (Chairperson) Marlene Hapai (Co-Chair)
Culture and Heritage Committee Larkin Correia (Chairperson) Donna Johnson (Co-Chair)
Government Affairs Committee Charles Ensey (Chairperson)
Economic Development Committee Tyler Dickinson (Chairperson) Joe Espinola & Will Lee (Co-Chairs)
Membership & Directory Committee Ken Ah Lo (Chairperson) Dereck Botelho (Co-Chair)
Scholarship Committee Billy Andrade (Chairperson) Joe Marsh (Co-Chair)
Social Committee John Souza (Chairperson) Donna Johnson (Co-Chair)
Newsletter Committee Larkin Correia (Chairperson)
Website Committee Raul Castro (Chairperson) James Tyrin (Co-Chair) Ryan K. Jones (Site Developer)

Building Committee

The Hawai’i Island Portuguese Chamber of Commerce has established a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity for the development of the Hawai’i Island Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Cultural and Education Center. Click here for more information

Portuguese Culture & Heritage Committee

Encourages and fosters the preservation of our unique and valuable Portuguese heritage for the enjoyment of everyone. It also furthers and encourages, among our members and others, an understanding of, and appreciation for, the culture, music, and arts of our forbearers.

Government Affairs and Economic Development Committees

This committee is charged with the responsibility of government affairs which may affect the Hawaii Island Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, and recommending a course of action to the Board of Directors.

It is also charged with the responsibility of coordinating efforts of the Hawaii Island Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the business community to promote a stable and healthy economy. It also encourages and furthers the development if new industries or the expansion of existing businesses on the Island of Hawaii, and promote activities which will enhance the general business climate. This is accomplished by actively lobbying and pursuing relative legislation. The committee strives to enhance the economic growth of the Big Island and State of Hawaii.

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee provides financial assistance by way of scholarships to individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies at an accredited college or university. The scholarship amount is $2000.

Click here for scholarship information, application form, and past recipients.

Newsletter, Directory & Website Committees

A major communication source which informs our members of current activities, events, and pertinent HIPCC news. Provides an online listing of officers, directors, committee chairpersons, members, and an event calendar as well as other information for HIPCC member’s use.